Mentoring Map


Mentoring Program


The Mentoring Program is a partnership approach to improving instruction so all students can achieve at high levels.  

  • The heart of mentoring is the relationship teachers and mentors develop.  

  • The focus of that relationship is supporting our first and second-year teachers in becoming the teacher they aspire to be.  

  • The goal of the mentoring program is to develop effective and successful teachers who choose to stay in the teaching profession.

  • The reason for mentoring is that research states teacher effectiveness improves dramatically for teachers in the first couple of years teaching.


Who is eligible? First and second year teachers who participate in Columbia Gorge Education Service District's Mentoring Program.

What are the benefits? Beginning teachers will receive between 25-45 hours of support throughout the school year in the following ways:

  • One day of Orientation before the rest of the teachers arrive

  • Weekly meetings with a mentor to talk about your successes and your challenges

  • Time to observe other teachers

  • Feedback on your own teaching

  • Graduate credits are available

Interested in participating in the Mentoring Program? Contact your Principal or Hailey Elliott to get started.


Who is eligible to be a mentor? Teachers with three or more years of teaching experience and would like to support new teachers.

How does a teacher become a mentor? Teachers who are interested are encouraged to contact Mauree Donahue Revier to learn about training opportunities.

What are the expectations? Mentors are expected to meet with their beginning teacher weekly.  During these weekly conversations, Mentors support beginning teachers on topics selected by the beginning teacher.

  • Establishing a classroom culture for learning

  • Looking at student work

  • Lesson planning for differentiation

  • Sharing resources

  • Providing emotional support.

  • To keep notes on their meetings with their beginning teachers and log in the hours they meet


What is the role of the district leadership and principal in supporting the mentor and beginning teacher?  The district leadership and principal provide support for a successful partnership on behalf of the mentor, and beginning teacher and their students.

  • Assign new teachers within the area of their pre-service preparation

  • Set side time for the mentor and beginning teacher to meet, conduct observations, and attend professional development

  • Review the class list  to ensure classes that are balanced with regard to students with special needs, English language learners, and student performance levels

  • Provide time and resources for mentors to attend training

  • Compensate the mentor 

Districts compensate Mentors, and provide substitutes for Mentors to attend trainings and observe teachers. Mentors are supported in their work by the Columbia Gorge ESD Mentor Program Coordinator.  


Who is eligible: Administrators in their first 3 years in their position: Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Superintendents in the Columbia Gorge ESD region.

What are the benefits: Novice administrators meet with an experienced administrator throughout the school years and focus on.

School Cultures and Climate of Sharing

  • Mission/Vision

  • Engage Families

  • Emphasize Well-being

Students and Staff

  • Lead collab teaching and learn

  • Distribute leadership

  • Support social, emotional, academic needs for students and adults

Structure and Systems

  • Focus - what matters most

  • Manage talent and resources

  • Cultivate support - community and district