Our Mission

To assist Hood River and Wasco County school districts and the Department of Education in achieving Oregon's educational goals by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective and locally responsive educational services at a regional level.

Our Vision

The next generation of Columbia Gorge ESD is a visible leader that has a strong model to guide its valuable work in the communities it serves. It is a champion of equity and inclusion whose services address and respect unique language, cultural, and other aspects of identities. Its diverse staff reflect regional demographics, and they work in a welcoming, supportive, collaborative culture where communication is clear, data and research guide decisions, and technology improves operations. As the regional resource, the ESD's innovative and responsive development is funded from multiple sources and operates from one collaborative physical space.

2023-24 Board Goals

1: CGESD's role is one of leadership and service. CGESD maintains a distinction between the role as a service organization and the regulatory role of the Department of Education and other state agencies.

2: Columbia Gorge ESD supports, and collaborates with, school districts in Hood River and Wasco Counties, and the Department of education, to achieve Oregon's Educational goals by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective, and locally responsive educational services at a regional level.

3: CGESD seeks to expand revenue by providing services to districts and community partners through contracts and consoria with local and regional partnerships.

4: Columbia Gorge ESD will serve the region best through functioning from a single space that serves as an asset to CGESD, districts, and the communities we serve.

Long Term Projects

Columbia Gorge Early Learning Center

CGESD Department Overview

Please see our Department Overview for detailed information about each department at CGESD!