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Welcome to Columbia Gorge ESD's Department of Education & Innovation Services

The Department of Education and Innovation Services provides ongoing assistance to the districts of Wasco and Hood River Counties with instructional, technical and policy support services. School improvement services including but not limited to services designed to support component school districts in:

Participate in and facilitate an integrated plan that aligns with the goals of the Student Success Act 2019 and is based in equity and related to the provision of engaging with the community to provide a quality education in the component school districts.

Provide high quality mentoring and coaching to novice teachers and administrators in their first three years through high quality professional development for mid career educators who want to become mentors and coaches.

Assist districts in the development of research based curriculum resources that are aligned to state standards to improve student learning and achievement.

Assist district staff, at the building level, in the disaggregation of formative and summative assessment data to enhance and improve instruction.

Facilitate workshops and trainings that align to the professional development goals of each district as well as facilitation of professional development opportunities in the implementation of state-wide initiatives, tailored to the specific needs of each district.

Department of Education & Innovation Planning and Implementation

The CGESD's Department of Education and Innovation partners with the districts of Hood River and Wasco Counties to support curriculum, assessment, and professional development.


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Mauree Donahue Revier

Integrated Guidance, Mentoring Program, Paraprofessional Training, Equity, District Assessment Coordinator

Nancy Ruiz

Administrative Assistant
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Theresa Peters

Integrated Guidance, Mentoring for Administrators
pic of hailey

Hailey Elliott

Mentoring Novice Teachers, Teacher of the Year

Amanda Parrott

School Safety & Prevention Specialist
School Safety Services