Healthy and Safe Schools (HASS) Plan

HASS Plans were created by the Oregon Legislature in 2017. The Board of Directors approved Columbia Gorge ESD's HASS Plan on July 17, 2019, with updates made on March 24, 2021 . The plans require school districts, charter schools, and education service districts (ESDs) to communicate with their communities and stakeholders how the districts are addressing the following environmental hazards:

CGESD Emergency Operations Plan

Communicable Diseases Management Annex

This plan was developed by administrative leadership, support staff and expert partners in our region. Our goal is to carry out practices that help protect the ESD school community of children, students, parents, and staff in the event of an emergency related to communicable diseases.

Please click the following link to revie the complete plan: CGESD 2023-24 Communicable Disease Management Plan

Continuity of Operations Annex

The purpose of the Continuity of Operations Annex (COOP) is to provide planning and guidance for conducting essential functions, with or without warning, before, during, and after various emergencies. While it is not possible to plan for every situation, the plan is designed to support adaptation based on learnings and the specific challenge faced. Please click the following link to review the complete plan: Continuity of Operations Annex.