Gradual Release of Responsibility

A structure for thinking about instruction and lesson planning

Start with the teaching standards!
North Wasco Teacher Growth and Evaluation Handbook 
We will be looking at Domain III Instruction, Standards 12-16

Some Explanations: 
What does the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model look and sound like?
Routman, R. (2003). 
Reading Essentials. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. 

How to use the Release of Responsibility Model

Watch it in Action! 
Reading Workshop in Kindergarten
Grade K/ English / EL The Teaching Channel

Grade 1 Math Gradual Release of Responsibility
Grade 1 Comparing weight and length. Fisher and Frey

Engaging in Productive Struggle: Number Talks 
Grade 2, Math and EL The Teaching Channel 

Geometry Shapes - Gradual Release of Responsibility
Grade 2 Math and EL Fisher and Frey

Systematic ELD  Prepositions
Grade 2 ELD Kim D'Entremont 

Gradual Release - Vivid Imagery
Grade 5 Marty Frazer

I Do, We do, You Do: Scaffolding Reading Comprehension in Social Studies
Grade 6, Megan Montgomery 

Gradual Release of Responsibility Reading/Inferences
Grade 7 Straub Middle School 

Facilitating Academic Discourse
Grade 8 Science  The Teaching Channel

Gradual Release of Responsibility
Grade 9 Language Arts  The Teaching Channel

Improving Practice with Sarah Brown Wessling
Grade 11 English LA  The Teaching Channel 

The Teacher Toolkit
Short instructional videos with directions, templates and variations